We own and operate our own data center featuring 3-factor physical security systems with 24/7 camera monitoring.


Our state-of-the-art facility provides hyper-fast connectivity, redundant power, and powerful cooling systems, to maximize reliability.


We respond to your needs. We listen and propose the best solution for your business. Our service is our pride.

Our Service


Secure, reliable and responsive.  Halton Data Center colocation services will help you grow your business.


Always up virtual servers without the inconvenience of hardware ownership.

   Web hosting

Fast and reliable web hosting, from the traditional to more than 150 single-click install web applications.

   Managed services

Let us manage your services without worrying about any infrastructure.

   Disaster recovery

Setup a second node of your services in our DC to reduce shutdown risk.


We have a farm of large satellite antenna covering most of the western hemisphere.

   Dedicated servers

Get the full flexibility and power of bare metal without the capital investment.

   Backup and More

Automatically Backup your Servers and Workstations outside of your office. Create shared file repositories for your teams

Why colocation with Halton Data Center?

We are expert at what we do, we understand that all businesses, no matter what size or market focus, demand data security to mitigate liability and eliminate lost-time occurrences.

Colocation at Halton Data Center frees up space on your network, and most importantly, lets your IT staff focus on managing the day-to-day support of your business. As an added bonus, our environmentally stable, secure facility frees up physical space in your office.

Halton Data Center understands the needs of your business. We focus on delivering truly exceptional service, beyond your expectations, at an affordable price. We know that your businesses no matter what its size has the same data needs as multi-million dollar corporations, and we deliver. We are your partners in start-up, ramp-up, and rapid growth, offering a rare combination of consistency and extensibility.

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Experienced leadership team

Antoine Boucher cares about your data. For more than twenty years, Antoine has tackled the strategic and operational challenges of some of Canada’s key organizations as they navigated the shifting nature of data security and customer demands. As companies move to increased cloud storage, these challenges continue to evolve. Seeing businesses struggle with the balance between flexibility and security, Antoine became determined to bring real, cost-effective solutions that let start-ups ramp up with confidence, and open the North American market to more small, mid-sized and international organizations. Halton Data Center is the culmination of that dream. Bringing the best of hardware and software expertise to customize your data solutions, Antoine and the Halton Data Center team demonstrate their commitment to your success every day. At Halton Data Center, we walk beside you, offering expertise and ideas that expand your capacity, hone your efficiency, increase your agility, and serve your customers seamlessly.

Antoine Boucher Halton Datacenter CEO

Perfectly Situated

We are situated in Milton, Ontario away from the busy downtown of Toronto.  We are 20 minutes away from Toronto International Airport (YYZ) and 1h40 from the Buffalo USA International airport (BUF).

From startup through ramp-up, and beyond

You need colocation and cloud services that secures your data and protects you from the liability of lost-time. Let your IT staff focus on supporting your business instead of your networks. Free up space while ensuring your data is housed with better security, environmental control and access than it ever has been.

We know what it means to run a business where customers count on your 100% availability. We deliver exceptional support and service at affordable costs that let you colocate your servers with confidence and surprising ease. 

Halton Datacenter Building

We are committed to helping you find the right solution 

4.9  Google Reviews

Brian Knebel 5

We have used Halton Data Center's (HDC) Cloud Hosting Service for the past 4 years for our small business. We have experienced minimal down-time during this period, competitive pricing and excellent service. Would highly recommend HDC for any small business looking to move their business to a Cloud based environment.

Sean Stuart 5

I have been at Halton Data Center for over four years, the level of attention to the data center care and up-time is second to none, they are always there to assist me with their expertise in helping with my company's growth, for that, I am grateful. Thank you.

Mike Agar 5

I'm so glad I moved our servers to HDC. Reliable power, massive bandwidth, and tight security. The people at Halton Data Center get what matters most and provide exceptional service. Highly recommend.

Wayne Taylor 5

Our Colo in downtown Toronto figured they could make more money in real estate so they told us all we had one month to clear everything out. Well I don't have to tell you that left us scrambling. Coincidentally and fortunately about the same time I received an email about Halton DC. As our business has been in Halton for about twenty years, and we love to do business locally whenever possible we contacted them immediately. The staff literally bent over backwards to accommodate us in our hour of need. They had our operations up very quickly and the pricing was more than fair. Great Job Halton DC!

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