File Sharing and Backup for your Business

Managed backup service where ever you are

Managed Backup

Are you concerned about your business data?  A key workstation or your office or accounting server is not backed-up?  We will identify your data vulnerability and suggests the best options for your business.  We will implement the backup solution and monitor its operation.

Halton Data Center Cloud Backup
Halton Data Center Cloud Backup Service

Hardware Failure

Hardware failures are common. Backup your important data before it is too late. With our solution, you can rest assured your data is safe even if your hardware fails.

Natural Disasters

Backup your files to a remote physical location. Protect your data from being destroyed by natural disasters such as floods, fire and much more.

Theft and Ransomware

Prepare for the worst by preventing ransomware before it happens. With our service not only you are safe from physical theft but also from electronic theft that occurs when ransomware encrypts your files.

Our Cloud File Features

Halton Data Center Cloud

Synced Group Folders

Keep files used by a group synched across all users and different PC.  Perfect for mobile users, files updated by one user is automatically pushed to all user’s local drives.

Synchronized Machines

Synchronize files and/or folders across multiple machines. Change files on one machines and watch our service propagate the changes to all of them.

File Distribution

Publish files from a central location to several computers either on the same LAN or across the continent. Transfers are efficient, only file deltas are sent across the network.

Shared Projects

Shared Projects Share files belonging to one or more projects with multiple users. When a user modifies a file, that change is automatically synchronized with others.

We support many client end points

Halton Data Center Backup Client for OS X

OS X Clients

Halton Data Center Backup Client for Windows

Windows Client

Including MS Exchange Servers, SQL databases and bare-metal

Halton Data Center Backup Client for Linux

Linux Client

Linux/Unix and BSD