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Colocation lets you house your data in our private Data Centre, designed and operated exclusively for the purpose of secure access to your off-site servers. You can:

  • Lease as little or as much space as you need in ¼, ½, full rack and contiguous cabinets
  • Enjoy a secure, robust connection to your ISP’s network and physical infrastructure
  • Monitor your server performance and status 24-7
  • Control highly secured cabinet access
  • Order a manual restart from your office
  • Access your hardware any time, any day
  • Work in our dedicated Customer Space with a meeting, lunchroom and connected workstations

HDC is the professional choice for colocation services, whether you’re a small business with limited space and IT resources, or a larger corporation with a team of specialists. Colocating with us effectively protects you against interruptions and fortifies your disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity and scalable network governance with full control over your data. Save money and time while strengthening your security.

Located near the Airport and the 401, our convenient facility and approachable specialists support you at every step.

No matter what your organization requires, Halton Datacenter has the colocation solutions suited to your needs. From a ¼, ½ or full cabinet solution to several racks and rows,  our facility has the services that your business requires.  We understand that every business must remain connected in this mobile world in order to remain competitive. Halton Datacenter maintains a fully managed IP network with redundant ports integrated into each colocation cabinet.

Biometrics, government identification, and swipe cards secure our facility.  It is also monitored 24-hours per day and 7-days per week.  Our environment is controlled and monitored for high and low excursions.  We utilize multiple N+1UPS and our large Caterpilar backup generator such that your critical data and IT infrastructure are safeguarded, even in the event of a major power outage.

Halton Datacenter utilizes multiple upstream tier 1 carriers using BGP to back our 99.99% connectivity guarantee.   Peering with major Internet providers, such as Rogers and Bell, ensures continued accessibility. Halton Datacenter also provides a direct connection to Canada’s premier telecommunications hub located in Toronto, Ontario at 151 Front Street.  This provides a greater level of connectivity insurance without the need for costly independent third-party connections.

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