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When you’re in start-up mode, the last thing you need to worry about is your data security. Don’t imagine your needs are too small right now - from a single server to multi-rack capacity, we have you covered. We know that your data needs the same world-class protection as any larger organization, and that is what we offer you. As you grow, it’s easy to expand your footprint in our facility, with support at every step. At HaltonDC, we’re a startup ourselves, so we understand the complexity of data security as you ramp up your business. We offer flexibility and the support you need to execute your data strategy. Join us now and lock in amazing rates and service deals guaranteed to support you now and in your future growth.

Don't pay for colocation and connectivity, only pay for power or save 25% on cloud services for the first year.

Startup Colocation Package

  • Don't pay for Colocation

  • Don't pay for Internet connectivity

  • Just pay for power

  • Free monitoring

Startup Cloud Package

  • 25% off during the first year of service

  • Free monitoring

  • Free backup

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