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3-security factor

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Three points of security restrict access before you reach the locked racks: live identification check, biometric fingerprint scan, and a secondary keycard system. Cameras every three feet record all movement in the server room with off-site backup. No one gets in without authorization.


Access to the Datacenter is available unaccompanied but only if you have an authorized RFID key.


The only way to enter the Server rooms is with your fingerprint.


Every cabinet is secured by a key lock.

Biometrics, government identification, and swipe cards secure our facility, which is monitored 24-hours per day, 7-days per week Halton Datacenter employes an RFID keycard system as a first controlled point of access. Biometric fingerprint scanning provides a second level of security. Even with the correct RFID card, entry will be denied if the fingerprint scan does not match our records. Additionally, each colocation cabinet is secured by a unique lock and key set. Lastly, our facility is monitored by CCTV 24/7, both indoors and outdoors, with night vision and infrared. Our CCTV footage is backed up off-site and governed by a 60-day retention policy, accessed only with police presence and never shared with anyone.

32 X

Cameras record every movement of every inch inside and outside the Datacenter and kept for 60 days.


Halton Datacenter

Phase 1 has more than 100 secure cabinets and phase 2 has more than 300 secure cabinets.

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We own and operate our own data center featuring 3-factor physical security systems with 24/7 camera monitoring.


Our state-of-the-art facility provides hyper-fast connectivity, redundant power, and powerful cooling systems, to maximize reliability.


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